Being sensitive to others

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Mutual respect, equality, sacrifice and helping the poor, practised by Muslims with devotion during Ramazan showed emancipation of humans depended in the feeling of the others’ welfare, President Maithripala Sirisena said in his Ramazan message.

DM_20170626_A001-7The President also stated that the endless greed of humans for material wealth had led to the creation of disunity and mistrust among peoples, which in turn had led to tensions among communities.

“The message conveyed through the Ramazan or Eid-ul-fitr celebration is universal in its manifest. 

It expects everybody to be fair for all, based on religious, spiritual and social ideals. Ramazan reminds us that the humanity can be improved by being sensitive to the others’ sentiments, while being honest to ourselves,” the 
message said.

While extending his greetings to all Muslims who celebrate the Eid-ul-fitr, President Sirisena observed that the Ramazan festival has such a meaningful vision that addresses the humanity as a whole surpassing the religious limitations.