Delegation comprising 100 Bhikkhus donate blood in Jaffna

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By Pradeep Kumara   
A delegation comprising of one hundred Buddhist monks, led by Sri Jayawardanapura University’s Chancellor Prof. Ven. Medagoda Abayatissa Thera and a monk from the Pepiliana Sunethra Devi Pirivena and several monks from nearby temples, travelled to Jaffna yesterday to donate blood to in-house patients at the 
Jaffna hospital.      

They had made the long trip in the buses and lorries from Colombo after having heard that there was a shortage of blood in this hospital. A spokesman for the hospital in Jaffna said that this gesture was highly appreciated by them. Ven. Abayatissa Thera spoke about their experience after donating blood at the hospital, “We saw on TV how the army were donating blood due to a shortage of blood in the Jaffna hospital. As Buddhist monks we also thought of helping these innocent patients. Everyone in the island is equal. We all should have empathy and care for r each other. We need to look into the problems they face. Reconciliation is not one community suppressing the other. As Buddhist monks it is our responsibility to look after them in their time of need. We represented the whole Sinhala community in this task,”the Ven. Thera said.