Stop admissions Govt. tells SAITM

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By Thilanka Kanakarathna  
The Government had directed the South Asian Institute of Technology and  DM_20170626_A001-3
Medicine (SAITM) to halt student admissions and awarding of degrees until conditions laid down by the Govt.  Gazetted on private medical colleges were fulfilled by the institution,  the Presidential retariat announced yesterday. 

The statement said that the Government would Gazette the minimum standard of the medical education forthwith.  

While changing the administration procedure it said the Government had decided to continue the institute as a joint venture of the State and private sector in the future.  

The statement also said the courses followed by the SAITM students would be rearranged in a manner that they would be in line with a procedure accepted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) and will adopt a mechanism to register those who already graduated at SAITM, with the SLMC.  

It said the Government will seek the Attorney General’s advice to inform the Government’s stance on the SAITM to the Supreme Court.