Legislation finalised, will be presented in House: Ajith P.

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By Yohan Perera   
Legislation to provide for the setting up of the Higher Education Quality Assurance Authority has been completed and will be presented to Parliament soon, Deputy Government Whip and Deputy Minister,  Ajith P. Perera said yesterday. 


Untitled-3He said the Authority would be mandated to monitor the quality standards at all higher education institutions. “It will check the quality standards of the study programmes at State and private sector higher education institutions and will take action if they fail to maintain the stipulated standards,” he added.   

The deputy minister criticised the GMOA which had rejected the proposals submitted by the State to resolve the SAITM issue.   
“It is a sin to go on strike at a time the country is facing a dengue epidemic,” he said and pointed out that the GMOA had opted to strike instead of looking at other options to resolve this matter. “Strike action is the last resort to be adopted by trade unions when it comes to resolving problems. However, the GMOA had decided to adopt the final option first.”   

Government MP Wijepala Hettiarachchi told the news conference that controversial issues such as SAITM and Uma Oya were inherited by this government from the previous regime. Referring to the Uma Oya project, he said the environmental hazards caused by this project should have been considered before it was implemented.  

“One cannot reverse the process and stop the project because it will give rise to a host of other issues, especially problems pertaining to the funding,” the MP said.