Garbage scattered across Colombo city

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Garbage in private hospital DM_20170704_A006-13

Seen here is the vehicle park of a private hospital in Colombo. Motorists witness large dumps of waste as they visit sick family and friends or the hospital for doctors’ appointments. The picture was sent to the Daily Mirror by a concerned citizen.   




by Muditha Dayananda   
With the removal of garbage in Colombo at a standstill, mounds of garbage can now be seen at very prominent places in the city including near government and private schools, thereby creating a serious health hazard. 

In Modera, Maradana, Dematagoda and Borella areas, compactor vehicles and lorries belonging to the Colombo Municipality were seen clearing the scattered garbage. However, excess garbage left by these vehicles litter the streets, leaving it to the people to burn them.

 Residents of these areas charged that although unsegregated garbage was not removed by the authorities, resaleable items like cardboard and plastic were removed by the workers.  Opposite the Red Barna canal in Modera Aluthmawaththe, a mound of garbage was observed. Despite a board depicting the conservation of the canal, people continue to dump the garbage in the area.