Govt. mulls forming another GMOA

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Minister Senaratne says a large number of doctors are willing to form a new association and many fear to express their views against the GMOA


By Dayaseeli Liyanage

An alternative association to the unruly Government Medical Officers’ Association had been mulled by the Government, the learns.

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne had sought the assistance of politicians for what he said was an effort by the Government doctors to form a trade union that would act as an alternative force to the present Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA).The GMOA is currently at odds with the Government over the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) and the appointment of a new Chairman to the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) in place of Professor Carlo Fonseka, who retired from the post on the grounds that his term had expired.

Many doctors were reluctant through fear to express openly about their keenness in this regard

“There are a large number of doctors, who are willing to form a new association for their profession,” Minister Senaratne told Parliamentarians while urging their assistance in forming the alternative doctors’ union.

The Minister had expressed these views at the recent Government Parliamentarians’ Group Meeting. During several discussions held in the North, South, North Central and North Western Provinces, doctors had shown the need for an alternative association for the GMOA, he said. The Minister urged the Parliamentarians to visit the villages and create awareness among the doctors and encourage them to come forward to form the new association as the many doctors were reluctant through fear to express openly about their keenness in this regard.

At the meeting the Minister has also said currently there are 65 doctors for every 100,000 of the populations and emphasised the need of increasing the number threefold.