Curse called polythene

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By Nabeela Hussain
Responding to the Cabinet’s approval of banning the production, sale and use of lunch-sheets, polythene and Styrofoam/Rigifoam, the Colombo Municipality (CMC) yesterday said the move would reduce at least one third of the waste collected in the city.

The CMC Waste Management Director Ms. Yogarani Sylvester speaking to the Daily Mirror said the ban would be the only solution to tackle the non-recyclable waste collected within the city.

“Lunch sheets are not things that we can recycle nor are they degradable. Most of these lunch sheets and Styrofoam/ boxes in which lunch is sold are soiled so they can’t be reused. This is a major problem as we can’t do anything with them,” she said.

While the move does not mean the garbage problem in the city would be completely resolved it would have a significant impact on the garbage in the city. “People will start to reuse what they have, which is a significant decrease in the amount of garbage that is collected as we come back with at least 20 polythene bags when we go to the super market when we can just use two,” Ms. Sylvester stated.
The proposal by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) will see the ban of lunch sheets, polythene and Styrofoam banned from September with authorities expected to introduce and promote degradable polythene and bags to the public.

The media also reported that the import and production of lunch sheets, containers, plates, cups and spoons made of polythene and the sale of cooked meals in polythene containers and the burning of plastic in open areas will be prohibited.
Authorities will also take measures to introduce and provide paper, cloth, reed bags or bio-degradable plastic.