How to call a Port

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By Darshana Sanjeewa
The Colombo Port would be re-branded under a global marketing plan, the Ministry of Ports and Shipping said yesterday.
The Ministry said a meeting was convened by the Chairman of Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) with the stakeholders to draw a marketing plan and to discuss an action plan to implement it.

“The Port of Colombo has shown a double digit growth last year, but this had slowed down this year to a single digit,” it said. 
“Although a 6 percent growth was still healthy in comparison with the trade growth, an aggressive marketing approach could increase the market share of Colombo Port,” the Ministry said.

He said that towards this end it had become necessary to re-brand the Port and to develop a sustainable marketing plan. 
“Marketing individual terminals in an isolated manner needs to be replaced by the Global Marketing Strategy that will promote Colombo as one Port,” the Ministry said.

“Different terminals competing for business using quality of service and cost as tools should also be complementary to each other in working as one Port,” it said.

“If Colombo can take up this challenge as one Port it can easily attract more business. The proposal is also an inclusive approach as it will involve all stakeholders in developing the marketing plan.”

“The new platform will be re-branded and marketed as Port of Colombo with the participation of both public and private sector fast tracking the development of the Port,” the Ministry said.