Whose garbage is it anyway?

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath
Large piles of garbage left by the railway track from Panadura to Bambalapitiya had have created a serious health hazard-particularly, garbage collections along the railway line and the beach in Mount Lavinia had marred the outlook of the area-a popular tourist destination in the country, passengers said.

Railway passengers said that the nauseating smell from the garbage dumping ground near Panadura Railway Station settles in the compartments for a long time causing much discomfort, perhaps until the train passed the Panadura area. 


They said their petitions in this regard to the Panadura UC and the Railways Department had not received any response
Owners of tourist hotels said it was really embarrassing for them, when foreigners take photos of garbage piles along the railway line and the beach and that it was sure that they would release the scenes on the internet brining disrepute to the country. 

They accused health authorities and the Railways Department officials of failing to take action against the individuals responsible for dumping garbage along the railway line.

A resident of Dehiwela Seetin Silva (58) said heaps of garbage had been left by the railway line from Auburn Place to the Dehiwela Railway Station without any attention by the health authorities. 

He was of opinion that the excessive use of polythene and plastic ware had resulted in the garbage menace.




“ We collect garbage in households and leave them in bins by the roadside, but they are not removed for several days,” he said. 
“The tractors and the garbage dumpsters of the Municipal Council often come late. Meanwhile, groups of individuals who enjoy liquor in the beach leave empty bottles, and polythene bags that turns into dengue mosquito breeding points. 

“Public Health Inspectors, who visit our house explain us on the law, but little or no action is not taken against the real culprits,” he said. 
Meanwhile Public Health Inspectors in several areas blamed the public for the lack of cooperation to the garbage removal system and the Dengue prevention campaign. 

They pointed out that if the public disposed of garbage haphazardly it was not possible to resolve the issue.