Dutch couple gives demonstration of compassion to animals

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By Rukman Ratnayake

DM_20170717_A016-2A Dutch couple on their honeymoon to Sri Lanka had taken the time to rush a stray dog with a badly injured leg to a vet so that it could be treated. 

Veterinary Surgeon of Kataragama U.K.Nuwan Shamal was on hand to perform a surgery that lasted for two hours in which he was forced to separate the dog’s right paw from its shoulder. Dr. Shamal said the Dutch couple who came to Tissamaharamaya for honeymooning had brought the injured dog in a critical condition to the hospital and that successful surgery meant that the dog would make a good recovery.    This couple, who had seen the dog bleeding on the road, had requested the tourist guide who was accompanying them, Lucky Lokubalasooriya to help them find a veterinarian to treat the injured animal.

The guide said that the couple, Marten and Jaclyn, had told him that they would not go back to their motherland without ensuring that the dog was going to be okay and  on the road to recovery.