PAC failed to probe CMC?

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CMC member makes allegation

Rs.49 million paid in 2011,Rs.56 milli

PAC denies allegationson in 2012

Matters to be included in next report



By Yohan Perera
The Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts (PAC) is claimed to have failed to carry out an investigation on a large-scale alleged fraud in the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), where a company, which undertook to clean up the Meetotamulla garbage pile despite receiving payments for it, had failed to do so.

Chairman of Self Employees Association and former Member of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Mahinda Kahandagama told journalists that the CMC had been making payments for the flattening-out of the piles of garbage at the Meetotamulla Dump for the last  several years.

He alleged that a sum of Rs. 49 million had been paid to the company in 2011, Rs. 56 million in 2012, Rs. 37 million in 2013 and Rs. 113 million in 2014 and a sum of Rs. 152 million in 2015.

He alleged that the some of the officials in the CMC had been behind making these payments, while the relevant company had failed to carry out its duties as per the contract.

However, when contacted by the  two members of the PAC denounced the allegation and said the CMC was summoned for an inquiry. 
 One member said the PAC probed several matters pertaining to the CMC.  The source said that the details would be included in the next report, which would be presented to the House later this year.