Foreign students take part in Modara Beach cleaning

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Text & Pics By Reka Tharangani Fonseka

Moratuwa, Modara Beach were cleaned on July 16th by Staff of Moratuwa Municipal Council, youths of Modara Youth Society together with a group of engineering students of foreign countries who are visiting Sri Lanka.  
An engineering student Hashan Liyanage, the leader of the project from the Moratuwa University said that the students from China, Sweden, Korea, Germany, Egypt, France and Turkey have come here to support the water protection educational project named Aquwa 6.0 organised by students from the Moratuwa University.  
About 500 metres of the beach was cleaned and areas found to have dengue breeding grounds and mosquito larvae was cleared as well. These students contributed to clean the beach on the request of former Municipal Member Duminda Peiris who was from the Moratuwa University.


Garbage collected which included plastic bottles were provided to recycle centres. Municipal Commissioner M.M.C.K. Mannapperuma, Chief Public Health Inspector Malinda Jayawardena and the Public Health Inspector, Rukman and Ranga Jayaranga were also present for this community service.

Team Leader Hashan Tilakaratna said that the visiting student groups would commence similar projects in Anuradapura with a group of 18 engineering students from Moratuwa University.