Kolonnawa, 100% operational- CPSTL

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By Chaturanga Pradeep  
The Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Ltd (CPSTL) yesterday assured the distribution of fuel would return to normalcy within today, following the issuance of fuel bowsers from Kolonnawa and Muthurajawela fuel refineries by yesterday afternoon.  


The Muthurajawela fuel distribution operation was restored last morning after trade union action, he said.  

“Now both the Kolonnawa and Muthurajawela refineries are 100 per cent operational,” he said.  “1,500 metric tonnes of Lanka auto diesel and 750 metric tonnes of petrol had been issued to 186 bowsers yesterday morning from Muthurajawela,” he said.  

“1,854 Kiloliters (kl) of Lanka Auto Diesel, 184 kl of Super Diesel, 973 kl of Petrol (92 Octane), 633 kl of Petrol (95 Octane), 3200 liters of Kerosene and 652 kl of Furnace Oil were issued to 256 bowsers,” he said.  “Another stock of jet fuel had been sent to the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) to fill its capacity sufficient for three days.  He said three fuel freight trains had been sent to the upcountry, Anuradhapura and to BIA yesterday and another four trains booked for tomorrow to transport fuel around the country.  

While issuing fuel, the CPC had recorded more sales than its average, Mr. Wijeratne said.  

“Now the bowsers have left. Depending on the traffic conditions the bowsers will reach their destinations at varying times,” he said.