Legal action taken only against owners of home gardens

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By H.M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   
Residents of Bellanwila area accused the officials of failing to take action against the unscrupulous individuals who use the Bellanwila environmental zone as a dumping ground. 

They said the officials who had taken legal action against the owners of home gardens and business establishments if dengue breeding grounds were found, were moribund, inactive about dumping of garbage in the highly sensitive environmental zone.  

They pointed out that large collections of garbage had been left by Dehiwala – Maharagama road and the Jayamawatha and the environmental zone creating Dengue mosquito breeding grounds.  

A resident of the area, D.G. Siripala (45) said that ongoing Dengue prevention campaign would be a futile exercise if action was not taken against the individuals responsible for haphazard disposal of garbage.   

“Removing of earth by excavating a hillock has created a bareland covered with shrub jungle by the roadside in Jayamawatha. Unscrupulous individuals used it as a dumping ground regardless of its threat to public health. We have been compelled to breathe polluted air due to the nauseating smell from garbage. However, the Municipal Council that fail to remove garbage collections regularly is partly responsible for it, ” he said.  

Residents of the area said they were prepared to provide information on individuals responsible for haphazard disposal of garbage if the Public Health Inspectors would take legal action.