No Faith Motion on Ravi handed over by JO

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By Yohan Perera

The Joint Opposition yesterday handed over a No-Confidence Motion against Foreign Affairs Minister Ravi Karunanayake to the Parliamentary authorities. 


It bears the signatures of 32 MPs.

Deputy Secretary General of Parliament Neil Iddawala confirmed yesterday said a No Confidence Motion had been received against Minister of Foreign Affairs Ravi Karunanayake. He told the Daily Mirror that a large group of Joint Opposition MPs came and handed over the motion at the Speaker’s Office. He said it would be placed on the Order Book by the Speaker.  As per the Parliamentary practice, when a No-Confidence Motion is handed over against a Minister or an MP, it is normally given precedence over other matters, over other business on Government time. 

A No-Confidence Motion lapses on the prorogation of the House. MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage said the Minister should resign forthwith rather than waiting to be unseated after a vote of No-Confidence based on this motion. 

He said the allegations against the Minister were serious.

“When I raised them, nobody took into account. I made the same charges. Today, they are proven,” he said.