Act of disrespect by police officers

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Final night of Kandy Perahera  

By J. A. L. Jayasinghe   
When the Kandy historical Esala Perahera was parading on the streets of Kandy during the final Randoli Perahera, three WPCs and one male Constable attached to the VIP security division had crossed the road suddenly, in a disrespectful manner and had earned the wrath of the Maha Sangha.  

This act of sacrilege committed in front of thousands of devotees was severely deplored by Ven Hettimulle Sarananda Thera of the Malwatte Chapter who reprimanded the police officers .   

The incident which took place on Monday (7th) night at the final Randoli Perahera was severely criticized by the Venerable Thera, calling to mind the severe punishments meted out by ancient Kings to the countrymen who disrespected the Dalada Perahera, as history records.   

He said that the senior police officers should be held responsible for deploying untrained officers on duty at the Perahera venue. When thousands of spectators keep on chanting “Sadhu, Sadhu” the behaviour of these novice officers is very disgusting and it is time that they be taught the values of this sacred festival he added.   

He also said that in a past instance a former powerful Minister had entered the road where the Perahera was moving and drove his official vehicle towards the Perahera, when the large crowds had expressed their displeasure and he had to retreat back.   

There was also an incident during the historical Kandy Perahera a group of young women were travelling in an open vehicle singing Bakthi Geetha on the road which had been cleansed earlier with spraying of saffron water. This group was hooted at by the large crowd who had lined the road to witness the Perahera. Considering the peoples’ anger towards the VIP lady who had deployed this singing group, the Leader of the country at that time ordered the said vehicle to be taken out of the road, Ven Sarananda Thera recalled.   

He said that this act of disrespect for the Dalada Perahera displayed by the police officers would be brought to the notice of the Chief Prelate of the Malwatte Chapter and the IGP.