sea erosion destroys 17 houses in Ratmalana area

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

Sea erosion in Wedikanday area in Ratmalana areas has worsened this year and more than 17 houses have been destroyed for the last two months and several others houses are in the verge of collapse. Residents of the area said more than 100 houses in the coastal belt from Mount Lavinia to Ratmalana had been razed to the ground and a large population displaced since 2015. They said several permanent houses built with brick were among those destroyed. They pointed out that hundreds of coconut trees had uprooted to the trembling waves.   





“Allocate Tsunami houses for victims” 

CITY-DM-6-9M.Nishantha Fernando

A resident of Wedikanda and affected house owner M.Nishantha Fernando said the affected families were settled on the railway reservation by the authorities as a temporary measure but they were left without a fixed abode in a short time when the railways department evicted them from the railway reservation.   

“More than 80 houses in the Saurupura tsunami housing scheme built by the previous government have been vacant for a long time. Individuals receiving political patronage who had not even seen the tsunami waves are the beneficiaries of the housing scheme. They have purchased the house for low prices between Rs.400,000 and Rs.500,000. Officials are providing us temporary shelter in schools and temples for a couple of days and neglect their responsibility to settle us in safer locations.” He said  


CITY-DM-6-7“Govt. has to provide a solution”


A petty trader running a stall by the beach in Wedikanda P.A.Sunil  said when the tsunami hit the area the edge of the beach was about 20 metres away from the houses but a vast area of the land had disappeared and that sea water was now flowing interior the land past their houses. He requested the government to look into their predicament and to provide them housing in a safer location. 




“We need permanent houses”


Another resident o f Wedikanda S.Selvaraja (67) said he was 12 years old when his parents settled down in the area and that they had been living in temporary houses erected with perishable material including planks.   

“ We are living in a hand to mouth life with our meagre income as off shore fishermen or manual workers. Most of us have lost their livelihood. My wife who was not prepared to face this predicament deserted me. My children and I live here amid economic constraints. The major issue affected us is the homelessness.” He said. 


“Remedial measures necessary to rectify this issue”

CITY-DM-6-6Milton Gamage

Meanwhile Coordinator of the Presidential “ Purawesi Athwela “ programme Milton Gamage said sea erosion had caused much havoc in Wedikanda area leaving several families houseless. He said the entire coastal belt from Mount Lavinia to Ratmalana had been subject to sea erosion.   

 “ Wedikanda Vihara area and Ramalana west are the worst affected. More than 15 houses in the area had been destroyed about eight months ago. Another 17 houses were razed down to the ground about three days ago. People are of opinion that implementation of the Port City project resulted in this state. Although the authorities have rejected it , trembling waves that changed their causes have been hitting the beach from Mount Lavinia to Ratmalana after the Port City project was launched. The displaced families should be provided housing in the Sayurupura housing complex. I am hopeful that President Maithripala Sirisena would consider the recommendation of the Purawesi Athwela” programme” he said.