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dedication of AG’s Dept. towards Inquiry

  • PCoI proceedings adjourned till August 25   
  • ASG Dappula de Livera asks time to prepare before the cross-examination of PTL CEO


 By Shehan Chamika Silva   

 Justice Prasanna Jayawardena yesterday appreciated the assistance provided by the Attorney General’s Department officers to the Commission and said their dedication towards the inquiry was commendable.   

Justice Jayawardena made this statement following the application moved by Additional Solicitor General Dappula de Livera who sought the Commission’s indulgence for an adjournment of the proceedings before the Attorney General’s Department cross-examines PTL CEO, Kasun Palisena.   

TheTestimony of PTL CEO was yesterday concluded and ASG Livera asked the Commission to provide a substantial time period for them to prepare before the cross-examination since there was a bulk of material to peruse cautiously.   

Acceding to the request, Chairman of the Commission, K.T. Chitrasiri adjourned the proceedings till 25 August (next Friday).