Construction of third waste-to-energy plant underway

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By Muditha Dayananda   

Construction work on the third waste-to-energy plant commenced last week at the Karadiyana garbage dumping site, with President Maithripala Sirisena as the Chief Guest of the project.

The project, coming under the Western  Province Waste Management Authority and Megapolis and Western Development Ministry, will contribute 10 mega watts to the national grid once completed. 

In addition to generating energy through incineration of waste (such as polythene that cannot be reused), a section of the plant will create bio-gas and compost.   

Relevant officials said the plant would have an intake of 500 metric tons, and that the 10 mega watts provided by the plant would power at least 37,500 homes. 

They said similar projects would reduce the garbage released to the environment by 90 per cent.