Dilapidated condition of Wadduwa Station Rd. irks commuters

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By K.S. Fernando and Kusal Chamath   

Wadduwa Railway Station Road has been in a dilapidated condition for a long time without any attention from the Pradeshiya Sabha or Railways Department. The roadside has turned into a dumping ground. 

Sathipola, another neglected public utility on the Station Road, has also been in a dilapidated condition due to disrepair and non-maintenance. It has turned into an eyesore in the town with heaps of garbage scattered for weeks. 

Residents of the area and thousands of passengers commuting by train from the Wadduwa Railway Station pointed out that the nauseating smell caused much annoyance and created a senior health hazard. They said heavy rain experienced in the area at present worsened the situation with part of the weekly fairground turning into a muddy pool. 

A senior official of the railway station said the Railways Department did not have any responsibility of maintaining the Station Road or the surrounding land, and that it was a lookout of the Pradeshiya Sabha to remove garbage.