No maintenance to Galle Road from Dehiwala to Ratmalana

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

The road network in the Dehiwala Town has been in a dilapidated state due to lack of maintenance much to the anxiety of the residents of the area and thousands who visit the town. 

The Galle Road on either side of the flyover has turned into a muddy pool during the recent rains causing much inconvenience to the drivers and the pedestrians.  


The Galle Road from the William Junction to the Ratmalana Maliban Junction had been the main bus route where cracks and craters had appeared creating death traps. Residents of the area pointed out that the dilapidated state of the road had resulted in extensive damage to the waste water drains as well.

They expressed concern about the lack of maintenance to the Galle – Colombo main highway from Rathmalana to Dehiwala. Drivers said several accidents occurred at night when vehicles, mostly the motorcycles, fell into the pot holes. They pointed out that the manholes and gullies without lids had become death traps.   

Residents of the area blamed the authorities for not paying any attention on the dilapidated state of the road for several years despite continual representations to the authorities. The people living in houses along the road said the broken storm water drains overflowed during heavy rains submerging their gardens with waste water and that the nauseating smell from stagnant water in the broken  drains that would not allow free flow of water, created a serious health hazard.  




A resident of the area and a trishaw driver by occupation Anura Aponso said that the Dehiwala –Mount Lavinia area was a popular tourist destination in the country and that ii needed regular maintenance of infrastructure facilities to uplift the apperance of the towns.   
“The by-roads in the towns are the worst affected. It is with great difficulty that we transport a passenger to a place along a by-road. Our vehicles develop constant trouble due to the ruts and pot holes. The Centre Island that occupies a large area of the Galle Road has resulted in traffic congestions. When we have to turn the trishaw to the opposite side of the road we have to make a long way to find an exit point in the centre island” he said. 


The Galle Road on either side of the flyover has turned into a muddy pool


Traders running wayside hotels and tea boutiques at the junction said the public would not patronise their businesses and even would not have a cup of tea from the wayside hotels due to the bad smell from the side drains. They pointed out that the broken side drains that did not allow the free flow of storm water had created mosquito breeding grounds as well.