Southern PC rejects 20 A

Published : 8:50 am  August 30, 2017 | No comments so far |  |  (141) reads | 

By D.G. Sugathapala

The proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution was defeated in the Southern Provincial Council (SPC) yesterday with 27 joint opposition members voting against while the single UNP member in the chamber at the time refrained from voting.

A tense situation prevailed during the sessions, when the Council Chairman K.A. Somawansa read out a letter from the Southern Province Governor requesting that the Bill be taken up for debate on September 12 as it needed to be amended.  

When the councillors returned after the adjourned sessions were resumed, it was chaos again when the UNP councillor grabbed the mace.  All UNP members, except for one, left the chamber in protest after JO members bought back the mace.