Coming out of the Closet

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This week I step into a place which can transfer you into anything you want to be, I’m sure if you are reading this, you would have come to know the lady with a cool place full of costumes, with the rush of Comi Con I wanted to check out JOJO’s. The place is a tight squeeze as its full of costumes, with a fan carrying the cool breeze of the A/C I chatted with this creative lady


1. What was the start to all of this?

2.  What was the first costume you made, do you remember it?

3.  What would you say is your most favourite?

4. How do you manage when customer’s don’t give the costumes back?

5. What are you currently working on?





fgyd1. My mum was in the garment trade and had started a tailoring outfit
 where I used to turn out some costumes for my mother in law who is a speech and drama teacher. My first major production was Alice in wonderland way back in 1993 which my mother in law directed. And so it grew from there.

2. I think they were the bird costumes in Alice.

3. I can’t think of a favourite as every costume that’s turned out has its own special creation. Whether it is the Mad Hatter in Alice or the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, it all causes the adrenaline to flow from the moment the idea is born.

4. Well we expect and trust our customers to return the costumes as soon as possible. We give them a time frame and then we call them and give them a reminder.

5. Currently we are working on My Fair Lady, Shakespeare Competition and the Asia Pacific choir games.
She has many stories, but sadly not all send her pics when they dress up in her costumes, but we had a great time, from dressing up as TRUMP, SHREK, Roman Soldier and then ending it in my Miss Piggy look.