LG Polls Amendment Bill comes into effect

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LATE-CITY-DM-1-120The Local Government Elections (Amendment) Bill came into effect from yesterday with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya placing his endorsement on it. 


The Speaker’s office said he placed his signature to endorse the Bill at 1.15 pm yesterday.   

“This is a historical event as this piece of legislation, which I have just endorsed, will make provisions for the election of a member, who would be responsible for a Ward and will also put an end to the Preferential Vote (PR) system at the Local Government elections,” the Speaker said.   

He said that it was only a first step towards ensuring proper democracy in the country.   

Further he said that the new electoral system would enable even an ordinary citizen to serve his/her fellow citizens.   

“A select committee was appointed to change the electoral system in 2001 and most of the parties came to an agreement for it by 2007 while some parties did not approve it. However people gave a mandate to change the electoral system and to abolish the executive presidency in January 2015. The passing of the Local Government Election Bill recently was an instance where the mandate given by the people became a reality,” Mr Jayssuriya added.