Sri Subodharama Road in Dehiwala an accident waiting to happen

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By H.M. Dharmapala   

Sri Subodharama Road in Dehiwala which is a by-road located in a busy area had been in a dilapidated state for more than five years as maintenance had not been done on it. Residents of the area said Sri Subodharama Road was the only access road to the main Galle Road and they face severe hardships when the road turns into a muddy mess as a result of a heavy downpour.  

A resident of the area, Chandana Silva, whose house is situated by the Sri Subodharama Road, said that he regularly took a short cut up this road to catch a bus from Galle Road and it was with great difficulty that he managed to do so without falling into manholes that usually get covered after a shower.  


“Repairs and maintenance of the road had been neglected for years leaving it in a dilapidated condition much to the annoyance of road users and residents of the area. The situation has been worsened due to the ongoing excavations to lay a sewerage line. Haphazard excavations and piles of earth left by the roadsides have obstructed the free flow of storm water. The gullies in the storm water drainage system have not been covered with concrete lids. Pedestrians and cyclists fall into the gullies quite often and get seriously injured,” he complained.  

A trishaw driver, G. Sampath, said he often used the road to transport passengers from Galle Road to Kawdana as well as several other areas off Dehiwala and that the dilapidated state of the road caused severe inconvenience to drivers. He said the income from hiring his trishaw was not enough to cover the cost of repairs he had to do as a result of having to travel on this dilapidated road.  

Residents of the area and the drivers requested the authorities to repair the road the side drains and to cover manholes and gullies with concrete lids.