Hankithi Dahathuna crosses century mark on Sunday

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‘Spiritual and moral values more vital to enhance human development in society’



The 100th show of award-winning dramatist and filmmaker Jayantha Chandrasiri’s newest play  ‘Hankithi Dahathuna’ (The 13 Tickles) will be staged at the Lionel Wendt Theatre on Sunday, September 10 at 3.30 pm and 7 pm. Sriyantha Mendis, Kusum Mendis, Jayalal Rohana, Wasantha Vittachchi, Sanjeewa Dissanayake, Mahendra Weeraratne, Nuradhika Serasinghe, Aishara Athukorale, Nadeesha Buwaneka, Gamini Jayalath and Tissa Gunathilaka play the key roles in the play organized by Jude Srimal.

Jayantha Chandasiri is known for his exceptional prowess in the medium of film, television and theatre.

The extraordinary journalist also has that special knack to add some kind of magic that can garnish his creations to reach straight into the hearts of the audiences. While congratulating him on his landmark theatre feat, we also sought his views on matters relating to the arts.




With some factions giving up hope about our theatre audiences, you are hitting the century mArk within a short span of time?

sdfghjkWell, I see it as a result of the confidence I had placed in the theatre audiences and especially the commitment and dedication of my cast members and other team members. Today there is a big demand  for quality dramas that also offer good entertainment. We should make plays remembering this crucial factor.

Many countries support their theatre industries because they know how crucial it is. Our theatre will die a natural death soon if no measures are taken by the state to give it new life.  

What has happened to the tele drama industry today?

Today’s tele drama culture has blunted the taste  of television viewers to the core. The industry that was boosted by cultured and talented directors of the past has been taken over by substandard creations that are only focusing on cheap entertainment which is virtual trash.

Who and how can this dangerous trend be changed?

A government can do it by drawing up a proper national policy. The country’s electronic media can do it if they really want to. There is no developed country in this world which thinks that material resources could ensure a wholesome society. 

Every developed country indeed believe that spiritual and moral values are more important to enhance human development in society. 







‘Hankithi Dahathuna’ (The 13 Tickles) will be staged at the Lionel Wendt Theatre on Sunday, September 10 at 3.30 pm and 7 pm.