He did not recognise his love, even when she was in front of him

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LATE-CITY--DM-1-37By Manoj Harshika   

A tragic-comic incident was reported recently from the Nugegoda area about a young man who got into trouble for giving his phone number out to multiple women and not being able to recognise the love of his life, even when she was right in front of him.   


He was a good looking, young man who had come from the village and had got a job working as a waiter at a leading restaurant in Colombo. He was lonely and in search of someone to love. He came up with a modus operandi where he used to give his phone number to pretty girls who came to the restaurant to eat.   One day, a good looking girl entered the restaurant and he fell for her hard. He decided that he wanted to get to know her so after she finished eating the food she had been served by him he handed his phone number, that was written on a piece of white paper, to her. It seemed that they shared an attraction because when he smiled at her she had returned his smile thereby filling his heart with hope.   

What developed thereafter was a love affair that took place over the phone. However, they were unable to meet again in person as her job took up most of her time. So their love was limited to phone conversations and these went off very well and lasted three months. 
One day she decided to visit the restaurant once again without informing her new found lover. She did not forget to take a present for him as well.When she got there she called him over and ordered her food. However, the man that she knew as her new boyfriend did not recognise her.

After she had eaten and assuming that she was yet another female worthy of his phone number, he tried his luck as usual and handed her his phone number, again written as before on a piece of white paper. The poor girl, who realized that this was his modus operandi to pick up girls and that she was not the only one in his life, flung the piece she had crumpled at his face and ran off in disgust. This is how this man, who was desperate for love lost the love that was his in the first place. How tragic!