New Office hours for Govt. offices from Sep. 18

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 LATE-CITY--DM-1-6By Thilanka Kanakarathna   

The Ministry of Public Administration and Management yesterday issued a circular changing the office hours of government institutions in the Battaramulla area to 7.15 a.m to 3.15 p.m. from September 18.   

Secretary to the Ministry J. J. Rathanasiri speaking exclusively to the Daily Mirror said the steps were taken to support measures taken by the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry to reduce the traffic congestion in the area.   

“This is a pilot project which works hand in hand with the priority bus lane project implemented by the Megapolis Ministry,” Rathnasiri said.   

The project will also ensure employees arrive at their office under designated service hours which will be decided by the heads of departments. 

9.15 a.m to 3. 15 p.m are compulsory working hours, he said.   

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of the Megpolis Ministry’s Transport Development Project P. Dissanayake said the main aim of the project was to reduce the number of office workers on the road during peak hours.   

“Under this project employees go to work ahead of others and leave office before peak traffic,” he said.  

CITY-DM-6-5The project will only be implemented in the Battaramulla area as of now as it is a pilot project, but officials are looking to introduce the new working hours to private sector as well in the future.    Various government plans have established the vicinity as the administrative center of the capital with government institutions to be shifted to the area soon.    Additionally, the priority bus lane project was in force from Pettah to Slave Island from 4 p.m to 7 p.m as of yesterday.    The rapidly expanding project allowed school busses and other school transportation vehicles to use the priority lane and will expand to other major traffic congested and bottle neck areas in the weeks to come.   

Speaking to the Daily Mirror on a previous occasion Additional Secretary for the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development Madhawa Waidyarathna said that under the first phase the Priority Bus Lane (PBL) will be implemented for traffic coming into Colombo in the morning from 6 9 a.m. and traffic leaving the city in the evening from 4 p.m.to7p.m.   



Under this project employees go to work ahead of others and leave office before peak traffic



Waidyarathna went on to say that the PBL implemented from technical Junction- Pettah- Fort – Slave Island on September 5, from Slave Island- Fort and Pettah on September 12 and from Borella to Maradana on November 30.   

Roads needed atleast three lanes for the project to be implemented, an issue that will be dealt with under the second phase of the project, it is learnt. “We might also borrow a lane from the other side of the road to establish the PBL,” Waidyarathna said.