Predicament of vendors who sell flowers

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

 More than 100 families that make a living by selling flowers and other requisits for Poojas at the Pillewa temple are facing hardship after their stalls were demolished by the authorities under the road development project. They pointed out that they earned a pittance from self employment as flower sellers who even cleared and maintained Bellanwila abandoned paddy fields which had turned into a lake smiling with lotus flower which was their main resource. However they expressed concern about the false promises of the authorities to put up permanent stalls under the road development project and left them on the lurch.  

A flower seller D.G.Sumanawathie said that their stalls built with bricks were destroyed under the road development project on the promise that they would be provided better facilities.  

CITY-DM-6-5“We had been running this trade for more than 30 years . When the road development project started during previous government our stalls were demolished and we lost our customers. We have been confined to temporary sheds without any protection from thieves who take away our goods. We are exposed to elements. When it rains all our goods are soaked with water. These huts are quite often blown off by wind.

The Road Development Authority that promised to provide us permanent stalls left us on the lurch without least concerned about our predicament. We made continual representations in this regard to the Boralesgamuwa Urban Council that levied taxes from our stalls but to no avail. If the council was functioning we could have requested our local government representatives to look into our predicament.” She said.  

Another flower seller Subadra Suraweera expressed concern about hardship facing them for want of basic amenities including toilets and water.  

“ In the past we sold statues and clayware but we can’t keep them in tents that are exposed to elements. Now we earn a pittance by selling flowers. Thieves that enter the tents take away out goods but the security guards at the entrance say that it is not their duty to provide protection to us. It is with great difficulty that we meet out household expenses now” She said.  

They requested the authorities to provide them permanent stalls as promised when they demolished the previous stalls to run their business as self employment without being a burden to the government.