Aloysius does not give bank details; CID visits his home

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  • ASG de Livera says unverified info received by CID that Aloysius had left the country
  • Anuja Premaratne PC assures the commission that Aloysius is in the country


LATE-CITY-DM-1-9By Shehan Chamika Silva  

CID officials attached to the PCoI yesterday visited Arjun Aloysius’ residence after receiving unverified information that he had left the country and also because he had not turned up at the Commission to provide the bank details he had been asked to furnish,  ASG Dappula De Livera informed the PCoI.  


President’s Counsel Anuja Premaratne, appearing on behalf of Aloysius said in the middle of proceedings that CID officers attached to the PCoI had gone to his client’s residence and  compelled him to come before the commission with relevant bank details he was earlier asked to produce.  

Mr. Premaratne was of the view that Mr. Aloysius needed sufficient time to produce them to the PCoI considering the difficulty of obtaining those details from two banks.  

Acting Solicitor General Dappula de Livera explained that Aloysius was earlier asked to come to the PCoI yesterday with the relevant bank statements and he was not present at the PCoI by last morning.  

Subsequently, the CID officers wanted to know where Mr. Aloysius was because according to some unverified information he had left the country.

At this moment, Mr. Premaratne PC guaranteed that he had not left the country and was at his residence at that moment and contacted him via text message abut the CID visiting him.  

However, ASG De Livera wanted to know as to when Aloysius could provide his bank details to the commission.   

After contacting his client, Mr. Premaratne PC said that details of one bank could be provided today and the other details would be provided tomorrow.