Alethea Gears Up For Dance Fest 2017

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by Rushda Rafeek

The organisers Alethea International School is once again proud to announce the ‘Festival of Dance’ which is scheduled to be held on the 3rd and 4th October 2017 for the 8th consecutive year.

In an effort to necessitate dancing opportunities to students, Dance Fest heaved its first breath as an alternative towards the dearth of competitions amongst private schools witnessed on stage. “As you can see, chances to shine are rare for those who don’t excel in athletics and academics,” says Anitra Perera of Alethea International School, the Coordinator for Dance Fest 2017. There from, the aim at its initiation, was to accommodate a platform for international school students au fait with arts and performance.



Box plans for the event opens on the 25th of September 2017 at Alethea International School in Dehiwala. Tickets are priced  at 
Rs. 1500, 1000 and 500. 



Yearly, the Festival of Dance continues to fully support the zeal brought alive by students fusing experimentation and prowess.The final day hopes to see a culmination of aestheticism from the best schools, resulting in a grand finale of the event. Graced by more than 1000 dancer individuals from the ages of six and up, with the presence of eminent personalities in the field of performing arts, parents, staff, schools, and well-wisher, this is a much awaited coming together of talented diversity in the country, it was revealed. In addition to preparing students as young as six year olds for more than just a dance experience, the event is a breakthrough, improving tremendously so much that the number of young teachers entering the field of choreography has also swelled, Anitra further explains with glee. 




State schools as well as the participation of schools outside Colombo areas including Galle and Kandy, a significant achievement according to the organisers thus far, a 6 to 7 months of practice and training prior to the event.

Applicants up to thirty members comprising a team are allowed to compete under four categories from Eastern Traditional, Eastern Folk, Western, and a Mixed Open Age Group with a profusion of dance styles to choose from; Bollywood, Contemporary, Free Style, East Meets West, Fusion, Indian Folk, Hip hop, Sri Lankan Folk, Kandyan, Bharata natyam, and Jazz.

The event is open to the public and will run for two days this time with three sessions allocated in the following order for the first day: Eastern Dancing Competition in the morning, the Western Dancing Competition in the afternoon, and the Mixed Competition in the evening. The best schools performances and the awards ceremony are to be held on October 4th at the Bishop’s 
College Auditorium. 




Pics courtesy : Suhardha Prabash

October 4th at the Bishop’s College Auditorium