SPEED City bus speeds up by 25%

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  • Speed for busses along the road was at 16.8 kmp but had increased to 21 kmp, with officials aiming to increase bus speed to 25 kmp in the near future.




By Nabeela Hussain

Traffic along the Galle Road had sped up by at least 20 to 25 percent since introduction of the Priority Bus Lane (PBL) project, Head of the Transport Department at the Moratuwa University Professor Amal Kumarage said yesterday.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror on the progress of the project, Prof. Kumarage said they had achieved far more than expected within the limited infrastructure facilities they had used and the minimal cost of the project.

Speed for buses along the road was at 16.8 kmph but had increased to 21 kmph, with officials aiming to increase bus speed to 25 kmph in the near future.

Further explaining the change in traffic speeds, Prof. Kumarage stated that the change in speed was mainly experienced by those who use public transportation i.e. buses.

“While there has been some change in the speed of other vehicles along the Galle Road, it is the buses that have changed the most,” he said.

The project had experienced minor setbacks in the flow of traffic in the Rajagiriya area with the start of the school term, Prof. Kumarage said. 

Some schools in the area attract a lot of traffic and while this is not a problem that was created by the PBL it hampers it, which in turn hampers other vehicular movement, he explained.

Speed for buses in the area which had been at a dismal 11.2 kmph before the project had sped up to 15 kmph after. However, this had then dropped to 14 kmph after the start of the school term.

“We know that motorists coming from Ethul Kotte and Pita Kotte areas are severely inconvenienced. We are studying the problem at the moment and will find a solution soon. People think the traffic in the area is because of the PBL, this is not true. The constructions in the area and the traffic attracted by certain institutions are to blame. While this hampers the PBL the traffic congestion is not caused by the PBL,” he said.

The Improvement of infrastructure, install GPS trackers and CCTV cameras for enforcement, improve the condition of buses and set up timetables are some of the targets which are to be reached by the end of the year, Prof. Kumarage said.

The implementation of the project in Slave Island which had been postponed due to the weather will be implemented as of tomorrow (September 15), he said.