An Early Morning Happiness & Reward Fix

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 LATE-CITY-DM-1-6Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way we could wake up in the morning and immediately get a quick happiness & Reward fix? Well it turns out this is quite easy to do.


The grass is always greener?

It’s easy to always look around and see others having more than us, having a better life than us, and seemingly being happier than us. But this will always be the case isn’t it? There will always be someone better than us. But in the same vein if we look around we will also see others who are not as well off or doing as well as we are. So is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? I think it depends on what we are looking for. What we look for we find.


Being Grateful for what we have

Turns out that taking the time to consciously be grateful for all the good things we have going on in our life is not just a clichéd statement – but something that can actually help us feel happier, stronger and more motivated to get out there and make things happen in our lives.


Dopamine – the reward chemical

All our emotions are basically the result of changes in brain chemistry. 

When dopamine (a neuro transmitter) increases we feel more motivated to start working on our goals and achieving stuff. 

Well when we feel grateful for something – this activates the brain region that produces dopamine. And for a bonus – if we are shy meeting and getting to know others – this spike in dopamine also makes social interaction more enjoyable and therefore helps us get over shyness to some extent. So we don’t need artificial stimulants anymore to boost dopamine – just being grateful would do!


Serotonin the happiness chemical

Another powerful effect of being grateful is the increase of serotonin or the happiness chemical. Just thinking of things we are grateful for – or even the process of searching for things to be grateful for -triggers the production of serotonin, thereby helping us to be happier. So those are good enough reasons to want to practice gratefulness isn’t it? 


Gratefulness – something new each day – to keep the interest alive

Sometimes when we think of the same things each day to be grateful it could become boring and also something we do by rote – therefore losing its meaning. One method I picked up from Tim Ferriss in his book Tools of the Titans effectively avoids this.


The early morning ritual

So let’s practice this first thing in the morning – before we actually get into our day.

Something simple: Think of something simple which you can be grateful for – examples could be – a lovely blue sky, a brand new day, a lovely flower, a beautiful cloud, a hug from your spouse, a great cup of tea, well anything simple really. This will also help us to see beauty in the simple things

A friend: Who is the first friend that comes to mind? (Sometimes I find that I think about someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time.) Then just think about how great it is to have this friend in your life – and with the ease of modern technology – it would be easy to send your friend a message or call to say, ‘Hi, was just thinking about you’, and make your friends day as well.

Something good that happened yesterday: Focusing on something good that happened the previous day also helps us to zero in on what we achieved in some area of our lives or an unexpected event, reward, relationship, client, family, etc., which could also help in boosting confidence.

An opportunity I have today: Here we think about our day which is about to commence and what we have to look forward to. I find that this step is particularly exciting as it helps me be more motivated to get out there and make things happen, and also become more focused.

So being grateful needs to become a practice as regular as brushing your teeth. We can all be happier and more motivated this way.