Proper procedures being followed: RDA

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Constructing Highways  

By Thilanka Kanakarathna   

In the wake of reports of alleged irregularities taking place in the construction of the Central Expressway and extension of the Southern Expressway, the RDA Chairman said yesterday the construction work was based on recommendations by experts. 

RDA Chairman Nihal R. Suriyaarachchi said in a statement that the construction work was being carried out after studies by engineers, environmentalists, surveyors, scientists and technicians attached to the Road Development Authority, Ministry of Highways, the Central Environmental Authority, the Departments of Land Reclamation and Geology.   

“The officials are highly reputed public servants and veterans in their chosen fields of study.They had taken into consideration the weather patterns, floods situations and other natural disasters when compiling their report,” Mr. Suriyaarachchi said. 

He said the RDA would implement the project based on a optimum cost system on the instructions of the Ministry of Highways.   Mr. Suriyaarachchi said some people with little or no knowledge on the subject of highways were attempting to mislead the people through disinformation.