Adithya in stunning win over Andrea

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Astoria Futures Tennis Tournament 



By M. Shamil Amit

Sri Lanka’s 15-year-old Adithya Karunaratne began her campaign for the Astoria Women’s Futures Tennis title with a stunning 2-0 win over the fancied and experienced 25-year-old Andrea Ka of France in a first-round match played at the SLTA Courts in Green Path, Colombo yesterday.

Adithya, who is based in Hong Kong and is presently training in Spain, had the satisfaction of overcoming the third seed Andrea Ka who has a WTA Ranking of 632 and who had earlier won one ITF US $10,000 Singles and five US $10,000 Doubles 
Professional Tournaments.

However, she was given a torrid time by the unseeded Adithya who won the first set with ease and was leading the second set (3-0) before Andrea Ka retired midway in the game.

It turned out to be a proud and happy day for Adithya’s parents Lloyd and Gothami who had travelled from Hong Kong and Spain to witness their daughter record the biggest ever win by a Sri Lankan player against a WTA ranked player.

However, Lloyd said that the upcoming matches in the tournament could be tough for Adithya as she would be competing against more experienced and high ranked players.

He stressed the fact that Adithya’s training in Spain is mainly for her to enter the professional circuit and the exposure in this tournament would no doubt be of great value for her future assignments. 

Meanwhile, four seeded players, number two Josephine Boualem (France), fourth seed Tamara Cuorvic (Serbia), fifth seed Dhruthi Tatachar Venugopal (India), seventh seed Angeligue Svinos (Australia) won their respective matches with ease to advance into the second round.

The three back-to-back tournaments conducted by the SLTA with the blessings of the ITF involving players from Cambodia, India, France, Serbia, Sweden, Romania, USA, Hungary, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Canada and host Sri Lanka is scheduled to end on October 21.




Results Singles (1st round):

Adithya Karunaratne (Sri Lanka) beat Andrea Ka (France) 2-0 (6/0, 3/0 rtd). Rushri Wijesundara (USA) beat Minami Akiyama (Japan) 2-0 (6/1, 6/1). Dhruthi Tatachar Venugopal (India) beat Jiakang Li (China) 2-0 (6/3, 6/1). Alice Gillan (Great Britain) beat Sasha Alexander (Australia) 2-0 (6/2, 6/1). Angeligue Svinos (Australia) beat Louise Lampla (France) 2-0 6/4, 6/2). Jennifer Luikhan (India) beat Dan Ni Wang (China) 2-0 (6/4, 6/2). Isabelle Boulais (Canada) beat Kiahuan He (China) 2-0 (7/5, 6/0). Tamara Cuorvic (Serbia) beat Fei-Ju Chien (Taipei) 2-0 (6/0, 6/4). Hsin-Yuan Shih (Taipei) beat Alija Merdeeva (Russia) 2-1 (6/4, 3/6, 6/2). Josephine Boualem (France) beat Nethmi Waduge (Sri Lanka) 2-0 (6/3, 6/1).