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Dance Works Centre Presents




By Mesha Wickremesinghe

A night of dance and wonder awaits! Head to the the Lionel Wendt Theatre from October 20 – 22 from 7 p.m – 9 p.m to watch Kanthi Ranchigoda’s perfectly choreographed dance moves portrayed by the girls of her academy – Dance Works Centre. These are some of the comments the girls had to give about rehearsals, and the guidance of their teacher Kanthi Ranchigoda.



Thilini Jayawardana

“We have been practising for over a year so far, and rehearsals have been hectic and also extremely interesting. We have all grown up to be a family since we’ve been coming here for so long.  Everyone’s actually looking forward to coming here for training.  As an individual who’s working, it’s hectic. We come here to get rid of our stress, to dance it off and to really enjoy ourselves, because dancing provides a stress relief to me, and I really enjoy it.”






Tesara Iddamalgoda 

“I’ve been here for the past 15 years. I started when I was 3. We all started with ballet, but then we started getting into different types of dancing, and from there we were allowed to do whatever we had the potential to do.  Now we have Jazz, Salsa and Hip Hop. 

My teacher has done a lot of dancing all around the world, and she has had a lot of exposure, and she gives us an opportunity to choreograph our own dances, when she feels we might have the ability to do so. If one of us is good at hip hop, we can choreograph some of the moves under her guidance. 

Most of it will be watched and improved by her.  She’s really experienced in it. We come here and spend four hours and five hours almost every other day. We have cardio, we can choose what we prefer to do.”




Shenia Wijetunge -

“I’m 18 years old. I’ve been with Aunty since I was 3 and a half years old. It’s really hectic with school since we have the sports meets and other extra curricular activities.  But it’s always worth it, it’s not a class anymore, it’s a home away from home.  We come here, we dance, we laugh, we get food!  And it’s fun, it’s not just a workout, it’s not just the fact that it’s good for our bodies, and it’s a bonding time for all of us, so it’s something I really appreciate, even though it’s really hard work. Every once in two years, it’s a real treat. As you can see we practise alot, but it’s always worth it when the lights are on you, and the people like what you’re doing. I started off with ballet. She helped me to move into more – Jazz, Hip Hop. For this, I would be dancing the Flamenco and Bollywood. She helps us to expand our limits and push ourselves.  I hope everyone comes and watches the show, and really enjoy it.”