Half way built culvert in Udyana Mw causes inconvenience

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Text & Pics by Mudhitha Dayananda   

Residents say that the re-construction of both sides of the road has stopped due to the slow progress of repairing the culvert, in Udyana Mawatha, Narahenpita.   

A majority of vehicle users go through this short cut during peak hours which join the Narahenpita-Kirulapana road from Havelock Town to avoid the traffic in main roads. But the residents of the area say that they have faced great difficulties due to incompletion of repairing works of the culvert which commenced few years ago.   

Due to the incomplete work of this main culvert, the pedestrians and the drivers have faced great difficulties, residents say.   
Udyana Mawatha is part of Park Road, which connects to Elvitigala Mawatha.