Remembering Kalasoori Stanley Oumar

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 The third death anniversary of veteran musician Stanley Oumar falls on October 21. Veteran musician Stanley Oumar who enriched the local music scene with his versatility for several decades, created legendary singer H. R. Jothipala’s first song ‘Mage Ran Rajini’ and hundreds of other popular numbers.




In a career spanning more than five decades, the veteran musician and gifted violinist also composed music for several stage plays such as ‘Kuveni’, ‘Thawath Dawasak’, ‘Veda Warjana’ ‘Makara’ Subha Saha Yasa, Sudu Saha Kalu, Sthree, Lokoththara and ‘Hunuwataye Kathawa’.




He studied at Mahabodhi College and later at Ananda College, Colombo where his passion for music intensified. Oumar joined Visharada Victor Perera’s Orchestra and made his debut playing for the Ditta Mangalika ballet produced by Pani Bharata in 1951. 
In 1960 he was in R. A. Chandrasena’s Orchestra which backed legendary Indian singer Mohamed Rafi. He also played for Talat Mehmood when he visited Sri Lanka in 1983. He has created a record by musically composing, writing and directing the country’s first ever Malay CD ‘Melayu Samma Sanak Sudara’ – which was produced by Tony Manthara.