Panadura town’s side drains filled with earth and garbage

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dddddd1213By Kusal Chamath   
Side drains along public roads in the Panadura area have been filled with storm water creating mosquito breeding grounds due to heavy rain experienced at present. Residents of the area pointed out that the side drains were obstructed with earth and garbage for want of concrete covers .   

A resident of Panadua town Sarth Wijesiriwardene (35), a trader by profession, said the side drains in the town were filled with garbage that prevented the free flow of water. He said Panadura was a high risk area of Dengue fever and the surrounding villages had a fare share of it.   

“ We clean our gardens as instructed by the PHIs, but it would not serve any purpose due to extensive Dengue mosquito breeding grounds in public places. The side drains are not covered with concreate slabs. We have pointed out its danger to the relevant authorities but to no avail. Dengue mosquitoes that breed freely in the storm water drains fly away on their mission to infect people. The local authorities who vociferously boast on their Dengue prevention programme had not carried out fumigation in several areas” he said.   

A resident of Newdawa pointed out that side drains from Eluwila Junction to Newdawa were filled with stagnant water.   
“Storm water flowed down the hillocks into the side drains filling them with gravel , sand and solid waste including polythene. This obstructs the free flow of storm water turning the side drains into mosquito breeding grounds,” he said.