Safety measures ignored at Wellawatte Housing Project

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Residents wonder how permission granted by authorities

By H.M. Dharmapala   
Residents of E.A. Cooray Mawatha off Galle Road in Wellawatte are living in constant fear of any possible disaster due to the haphazard construction work of the ten storied building complex which stands among a cluster of small residential houses. 

The sky scraper building located on a small land is constructed without any safety measures to prevent the bricks and building material falling on the roofs of houses below. They said the roofs of several houses had been damaged.   

An affected householder said on condition of anonymity that mushrooming multi-storied buildings in Wellawatte area without any guarantee of the standard of construction works had created a threat to thousands of lives.   

gfgd“Recently the collapse of a multi-storied hotel building claimed the life of worker and caused extensive damage to vehicles and other property. Roads have caved in and the houses have developed wall cracks due to the excavations in building sites. 

The local government institutions should consider the soil report on the building site before granting approval for multi-storied buildings to avoid any possible danger.

The contractors should cover the building site and make safety measures to prevent building material from falling down. It is in question how the authorities granted approval for a multi-storied building on a small space” he said. 

Residents of the area requested the Municipal Engineer, Colombo Municipal Council to inspect the building and judge the standard of the  constructions works.   Residents wonder how permission was granted by authorities.

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