Death row prisoner to sit for his Masters

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DFT-5By Sheain Fernandopulle   

 Indika Bamunusinghe, who is on death row, and had earlier obtained the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from the Sri Jayewardenepura University is now preparing to sit for his Masters at the Kelaniya University, Welikada Prisons Superintendent Chandana Ekanayake said. 


He said the request made by the inmate to register in the faculty of Social Science at the Kelaniya University to sit for his masters was endorsed by Prisons Commissioner General Nishantha Dhanasinghe   
“The regulations do not permit the inmate to participate in the lectures conducted at the university but he will be provided with the lecture notes and the opportunity to listen to lecture recordings in the prison,” Mr. Ekanayake said.