Moratuwa Uni students stage protest

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Text & Pics By Rekha Tharangani Fonseka   

Signing of a petition and a demonstration had taken place on Thursday (26) at the Moratuwa University premises due to the inconvenience caused to students because of the unfulfilled promises. Seven acute problems faced by the students are still at the discussion level.   

The reasons for the demonstration were the hostel problem of  first year students, issues regarding the lecture hall, delay in construction of the proposed students’ centre, abandoned irregular constructions, unsuitable constructions in the environment, problem of sports facilities, non-provision of an office for the Students’ Union and the increasing prices of canteen food.   

Nearly 1000 students from the faculties of Business, Technology, Engineering and Architecture had joined this demonstration that had been organized by the Students’ Union.   

The Secretary of the Moratuwa University Students’ Union, Nishan Gunatillake said that the administration had failed to find solutions to the problems for more than 2 years, although discussions had been held with the responsible officers over the last several months.   

Written submissions of the issues in question were made on 19th September 2017, but the subsequent discussions in response to this letter turned out to be unfavourable, despite their inquiry made from the Administration on 6th October 2017. 

The demonstrators remained in the Moratuwa University premises for about an hour, and they dispersed after the promise given by the Vice Chancellor Ananda Jayawardena, to provide solutions to the problems by November 6th.