Sad plight of Dehiwela town

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 By H.M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   ♠

Sub-standard development activities in the Dehiwala town have created inconvenience to the public and tens of thousands of drivers who travel to Colombo and back along the main Galle-Colombo highway. Residents of the area pointed out that a heavy traffic congestion is experienced in the town from early morning till midnight. Traders in the town said the flyover in the heart of the town was an ill-advised project that would not serve its object of avoiding traffic congestion. They expressed concern about the obstacle facing civilian life in the area and the business activities.  

The traders accused the Municipal Council of levying heavy taxes from every business establishment, from the ordinary tea kiosk to the multi-stories supermarket without least concern about the inconvenience facing them due to the breakdown of public utility services. They said the Urban Development Authority that implemented development projects was equally responsible for the sad state of the Dehiwala town.  

A trader in Dehiwala town Maheepala Manawadu (55) pointed out that gullies in the waste water drainage system overflowed even after a slight shower submerging the road and the splash of muddy water hit the houses and business establishments.   

“Overflow of waste water has created a serious health hazard. Meanwhile the columns bearing the flyover have been damaged in traffic accidents and even the protective railing is broken. The flyover is now an eyesore that would not minimize the traffic congestion in the town in any manner. Today Dehiwala is the most squalid town in the Western Province. Pavements are in a dilapidated condition with ruts and pitfalls. The road on either side of the flyover was developed but it is caved in at several locations and filled with waste water. This resulted in a number of road accidents. The sewers have not been cleared for years and waste water leaking from the sewers flow onto the road and even the compounds,” he said.  

Residents of the area and the traders requested the Municipal Council, the UDA and the Mega Polis and Western Development Ministry to look into the sad state of the Dehiwala town .