3,100 complaints regarding fake Fb accounts in 2017

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Untitled-1By Chaturanga Pradeep  

A total of 3,100 complaints relating to creating fake Face book accounts had been received during the past ten months, The Computer Emergency Readiness Team | Co-ordination Centre 
(CERT|CC ) said.  


ts Principal Information Security Engineer Roshan Chandragupta said the 3,100 complaints were related to sharing images and creating similar accounts.  

“When investigating into their complaints, most of the account owners had about 4,000 friends in their friends list. Most of the new friends were not known or had never been seen before but added to the list as they requested to,” Mr. Chandragupta said.  

He also advised the Face book account holders to maintain their friends list with only known number of friends and not to accept any unknown requests via other friend’s accounts.  

Other than the fake Face book accounts several complaints had been received relating to sharing passwords, he said.