LG polling date between Jan 25 and 31

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Nomination between Dec. 11 and 17
Untitled-1By Kelum Bandara   
The Elections Commission yesterday decided to conduct the polls to elect members to the local authorities on a date between January 25 and 31, it is learnt.  
The Commission had a lengthy discussion on the conduct of the elections after Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faizer Mustapha signed the gazette notification constituting the number of members to be elected to each local body.  

The sources confirmed that the Commission would issue the nomination note between November 27 and 30. Further, the parties and independent groups, intending to contest, will have to tender nomination papers between December 11 and 17.  

It was also reported that the Commission would select a date between January 25 and 31 other than a Sunday as the day of polling.