Residents of Panadura inconvenienced by stray cattle

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Text & Pics By Muditha Dayananda   

Residents in Panadura express their concern about the difficulties they are experiencing due the stray cattle in the Panadura Town and the failure of the Panadura Urban Council to implement the Megapolis and Western Province Development Ministry’s direction to confine them within a common cattle shed.   

The Megapolis Ministry decided in March to sent the stray cattle into a common cattle shed and foster them in captive allowing time till May for the cattle owners to reclaim the animals,  keep them in their own sheds.After this period the  Urban Councils were directed to capture the stray cattle roaming in towns.   

Residents complain that there are still a herd of 20 stray cattle roaming in the Pandura Town causing them immense inconveniences while walking along the pavements and they also cause many road accidents leaving the pedestrians and the passengers becoming victims of road accidents. The frequent road traffic is another menace caused due to the cattle roaming in the towns and frequently cows could be seen staying on the roads causing traffic jams.   

Responding to the inquiries made on this matter the Secretary of the Panadura Urban Council Nelu Nishanthi Iddagoda said the council has published notices calling for a cow catcher to handle the stray cattle in the town in order to sent them into a common cattle shelter but so far no one has come forward to accept the task.