Power to the People

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Sanjeev Jayaratnam a natural entertainer and motivational coach par excellence, famous for his outstanding achievements in music, theatre and in the corporate world, brought the Salon Anthurium at the Galadari Hotel alive with his programme “Power to the People” in the month of August this year. 

Middle and senior management professionals experienced one full day of energy, motivation and learning. Sanjeev is possibly the only coach and trainer in the country today with a unique blended experience of corporate management, lecturing, theatre, music and entertainment – making for a unique, unmatched experience.

Tharanga Gunawardena, General Manager (Service) at DIMO had this to say “Your way of training kept all involved and kept the whole session lively. Enthusiasm was high and certain basic concepts taught will be useful to look at people or situations more positively”. 

The programme is all about – switching on the right energy within oneself and maintaining it throughout the day, and then using this energy to get the best from people. 

It focuses on how to give positive feedback in a positive way so that the top performers are motivated to do even better, and also how to give negative feedback in a positive way so that the not so good employees are motivated to turn themselves around and start doing better than they have been in the past; and understanding one’s self and others better. Three focus areas to ensure leaders are at top peak energy levels and that their interactions with their team brings out the best in them. Sanjeev shares simple, effective and practical techniques, thoughts and ideas that a leader can implement in his or her environment adapting the techniques to suit different people and different situations. “Active, practical and well organised” said Mr. Lishanth Selladorai, Merchandising Manager at Crystal Martin Ceylon Pvt. Ltd. which sums the programme effectiveness very well.


Tharanga Gunawardena “His way of training kept all involved and kept the whole session lively. Enthusiasm was high and certain basic concepts taught will be useful to look at people or situations more positively”

With a touch of edutainment Sanjeev was able to impart valuable knowledge for professionals in a mind stimulating manner to middle and senior management professionals from prestigious organisations to help them learn, discuss and challenge themselves on how to get the best from their teams. 

 “Programme was excellent. Had an opportunity to learn new things such as how to see a situation using three lenses, how to release stress, how to energise etc.,” were the sentiments of Mr. Sandun Benaragama, HR Manager at Brandix. 

The edutainment touch and the approach that Sanjeev used was appreciated by the participants which was reflected by many who shared the sentiments of two managers from MAS Kreeda, Ms. Chamindi Hemasiri who felt that “the programme was very good and was beyond a traditional conceptual level of learning” and by Mr. Nirmala Rodrigo who felt that the programme had “high energy and was fantastic”.

Prageeth Rohan Mendis – Factory Manager at Sunshine Tea said that “it was an excellent programme. It would be an eye opener for any level of management and any employee. Highly recommend it to anyone.”

Based on the positive feedback received from participants of the program conducted in August 2017, Sanjeev Jayaratnam will once again share his thoughts, ideas and techniques on how a leader can get the best from his or her team through his “Power to the People” programme on the 15th of November 2015 at the Galadari Hotel. 



Power to the People programme on the 15th of November 2015 at the Galadari Hotel