CMC budget for 2018 to be finalized

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  • Rs.5 million allocated for each councillor  
  • Zebra crossings will be monitored 
  • New storm water treatment plant to be created 
  • Solar power for street lights 




By Nabeela Hussain   

The Colombo Municipality’s almost Rs. 16 billion development oriented budget is to be presented to department heads soon, Colombo Municipality Commissioner V. K. A. Anura said yesterday.   

Municipality budgets are prepared by Municipality Commissioners and presented to department heads in the absences of elected representatives.   

The budget for the coming year while allocating funds for welfare programmes will mainly focus on the development of the city, the Commissioner said.   

“We have allocated Rs.5 million for each Councillor who will be elected in the coming election and we have also set up a programme with each department in the Municipality through which the Councillors could work on additional projects which have also been allocated funds under the budget.”   

The municipality had reached out to parliamentarians and provincial councilors within its city limits in addition to the private and public sector, as well as voluntary organizations working in the area while preparing the budget.   
“They sent us a lot of proposals and we have incorporated a vast majority of them in the budget,” the Commissioner said.   

Developing the area of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources would be an area that would be prioritized in the coming year. The first step in this would be to establish street lights powered by solar panels which would be connected to a central system. 

“We have about 15,000 street lights within the city and even though we don’t pay for electricity for these, ensuring they are running on solar energy would mean the expenditure borne by the government for them could be reduced by atleast 80 percent,” he said adding that tenders for the project will be called in January.   

An up-to-date censor system will also be installed at zebra crossings which would be linked to a central system, providing pedestrians a safer programme which would update traffic lights instantly.   

A new storm water treatment plant is to be established at the Fire Fighters centre in Wellawatta. The plant will treat storm water collected during heavy rains before it is released to the sea. “We are also going to remove the fire fighters centre in Wellawatta and relocate them to a better building with better facilities,” Anura said. 

The Municipality is also looking at constructing infrastructure facilities such as washrooms in places of religious worship. “We used to donate funds before but this year we want to provide them with necessary infrastructure facilities,” he said.     



The Colombo Municipality’s almost Rs. 16 billion development oriented budget is to be presented to department heads soon