Commuters complain of lack of shelter on railway platforms

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By Kusal Chamath and H.M. Dharmapala   

Rail commuters boarding or disembarking from trains that arrive at stations situated in Colombo and its suburbs are being greatly inconvenienced during the rainy season due to the lack of shelter provided for them at railway platforms. They pointed out that the platforms on either side of the station office are exposed to the elements.   

jgujyPassengers said the railways department had taken steps to raise and extend the platforms at railway stations but without shelters to give people protection from the sun and rain. 

A regular passenger from Panadura, P Wickremasinghe (45) said that regular train users such as himself are left in the lurch when attempting to find a place to shelter from the rain while standing on the platform or even when boarding, especially when the trains are full as they get drenched as a result of there being no place to take shelter from the rain.  

“Railway platforms were raised by about 2ft and were then extended in several railway stations in Colombo and its suburbs at a colossal expenditure. The old platform shelters were demolished and new ones erected, but only to the length of the station office and not a single inch beyond. As a result a major portion of the platform is exposed to the elements. During rush hour the area of the platform that people can seek shelter is not adequate. Meanwhile, most of the plastic benches at railway stations meant for passengers are broken and most of them have been condemned and left in a corner while wooden benches that are about a century old are still serviceable. ” he said.  

The public requests the railways department to extend the shelter that has been provided on railway platforms so that commuters can receive the maximum benefit from it, especially on rainy days.