Court orders two separate reports

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Case concerning ‘Dala Poottuwa” killing 

 By Upali Ananda

Two separate reports were called for with regards to the two tusks and elephants pearls (Gaja Muthu) of the tusker called ‘Dala Poottuwa’ from the Directors of the National Museum and the National Zoological Gardens by   Maho Magistrate Rasika Mallawaarachchi when the inquiry into the killing of the unique elephant began.


He ordered that the directors conduct their investigations into the matter without taking the two tusks to Colombo and that the tusks and elephant pearls concerned should be put into a safe for safe keeping and be presented at the next date of hearing. Seven suspects who had been taken into custody in this regard had been remanded upto December 12.   

Those who were remanded are a Grama Niladari named Asanka Senarath Bandara, a former police constable of a minister’s security detail, R.M.Ruwan Nilantha Kumara and several other suspects who are the residents of Galgamuwa, Herathgama, Kithalawa, Ambanpola, Siyambalape and Moragollagama.   

The first suspect Senarath and R.M. Ruwan were initially arrested by a police team coming under OIC chief inspector Ranjith Rajapakse on the orders of the director ASP Hemal Prashantha of the Walana Anti-Vice squad.   
The suspects were taken into custody using decoys who posed as buyers for the  tusks and elephant pearls that were being touted for two million rupees by the suspects.   

In the meantime, two other Grama Niladharis had been taken into custody on suspicion by the Nikaweratiya Police Intelligence Unit and were to be produced before the Mahawa Magistrate.   

The Police legal division is exploring the possibility of prosecuting the suspects under the Common Property Act.